• Dr. Adams & Associates GmbH & Co KG (ASA)  was founded in 2001.
  • Dr. Adams & Associates is working as a M & A  broker and as consulting company.
  • Dr. Adams & Associates focuses on product providers in the European – financial services sector such as insurance and reinsurance companies, investment and private equity companies.
  • Dr. Adams & Associates is also serving  insurance and investment brokers, brokerpools, sales organizations and different networks of asset advisers and asset managers.
  • Dr. Adams & Associates supports the aquisition and generation of profitable business and sustainable growth for its clients.
  • Dr. Adams & Associates provides due to the track record of the management an extraordinary European network that allows a rapid market entry and revenue generation.
  • Dr. Adams & Associates is serving its worldwide acting customers primarily in the pan – European region.
  • Dr. Adams & Associates is free of external capital interests and acts completely independent.

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