Since the business model of Dr. Adams & Associates is based on maximum confidentiality, the following projects – in which ASA had a leading role or participated intensively – is anonymous and describes only an extract of the experiences of ASA.  For more detailed informations please contact the management of ASA.

  • Brokerage / M & A of several hundreds of insurance broker companies and investment broker companies to expanding broker companies – mostly age related successor arrangements.
  • Evaluation of hundreds of insurance and investment broker companies.
  • Brokerage, product development and introduction of a worldwide operating British life & pension insurance company – FT-SE 100 member – to the German market.
  • Brokerage of numerous sales organizations to product providers from the EU – financial services sector.
  • Projection and implementation of a special sales force – targeted on high income people – with life, pension and real estate products. The tasks included the development of the sales and business plan, building up of the sales infrastructure and the development of target group products.
  • Projection and implementation of a countrywide insurance broker for several strategic investors. The insurance broker focused on an multichannel sales strategy for B2B, B2B2C and B2C business.
  • Set up of a buying and evaluation infrastructure for US life policies in the USA and Germany. The building up of the distribution network for the German issuing company – which is focused on the US secondary market for life policies – was part of the project.
  • Brokerage and introduction of a worldwide leading Anglo-Saxon life insurance company to the German and Austrian broker and IFA market. A financial services company within the German speaking area distributes innovative unit link products . Target for that global player is to generate
    sustainable and profitable growth and to gain a significant market share within few years.
  • Brokerage and introduction of a unit linked guarantee product from an EU situated insurance company – subsidiary of an globally operating bank – via a leading financial services distributor in Germany and Austria. (2 similar projects in 2003 and 2008).
  • Brokerage of commission financing for an Anglo-Saxon life insurance company with a strong growth in the German speaking area.
  • Brokerage of a leading mortgage broker to a top ten industry company in Germany for optimizing their in-house employee business.
  • Brokerage of a platform for private and business financing to a leading German insurance company.
  • Design and implementation of an E-commerce platform for a major financial services brokerage company. The project included the selection and integration of a portfolio management system, commission accounting and financial planning tool for the company who was owned by a global player in financial services.
  • Expertise for set up of an EU subsidiary for a German casualty & property insurance provider.

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