Business Brokerage

Market entry / Distribution channel establishment

  • Dr. Adams & Associates has contact with numerous leading sales organizations in the European financial services industry. ASA helps to identify the most suitable and best performing distribution channel and to establish appropriate distribution agreements and business plans. ASA offers a wide range of additional services along the whole value chain.
  • The cooperations are monitored over time and ASA can additionally provide assistance as supervisory board member.

M & A

  • Dr. Adams & Associates mediates the appropriate distribution channel to product providers intending an investment for enhancing their competitive position. ASA advises product providers in relation to investments in sales organizations by providing all services to put the new entity into operation.
Business Development

Sales Promotion

  • Dr. Adams & Associates helps sales organizations to accelerate the growth rate of their business with reference to quality and quantity aspects. That occurs especially by mediating appropriate product providers and additional sales force or executives.

Product Development

  • Dr. Adams & Associates supports its customers in creating marketable designed products and in generating appropriate business and marketing plans.
  • Dr. Adams & Associates mediates for innovative insurance products the suitable reinsurance coverage and additionally can arrange commission financing.
  • Dr. Adams & Associates helps to generate innovative and alternative investment products.

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